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Germinated Plant

The questions of NUTRITION

Have you ever asked yourself "why do we eat food at all?"

Do people in Europe eat more or less quality food than people in the east or west, south or north? What is quality food anyway? How did our ancestors even survive a thousand years ago? What did they eat? How did they prepare the food? And we could continue to write questions related to the diet and food of the modern man, who, despite all the apparent abundance, lives in an increasingly depleted environment and body!

And the answer is: we eat food because our body, every cell in our body, needs NUTRIENTS!



100% NATURAL without artificial colors, without preservatives, without flavor enhancers


we use, preserve and pass down ancient knowledge and experience


our dowry for future generations, for their health and environment



One of the very important aspects of our production is respect for nature, sustainability, environmental protection, low or zero waste. Nature and health are inextricably linked, it is our single greatest wealth!


If we take care of nature, we take care of our home, body and society. If we are concerned about our health, we cannot ignore the concern for nature. Everything is connected with everything, we humans are an inseparable part of nature.


NATURE, my love and life

Slovenia, abundance of nature

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