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BODY BALANCE – herbal drops for domestic animals

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100% natural herbal drops to maintain and enhance health, also for restoring the natural balance in the body, relaxation, well-being, and for regeneration the vitality of a pet.

What it contains (ingredient action):

A special mixture of so-called medicinal mushrooms is suitably prepared for domestic animals. It provides excellent nutritional and healing support in the daily diet:

* drops promote balanced functioning of internal organs, so vital energy and the ability to regenerate are restored faster.

* drops help for emotional and physical calm; in the case of very intense emotions, which manifest themselves as severe agitation, maladaptive behavior, signs of stress, shyness, frequent and (or) recurring physical problems, etc.

* drops are suitable for natural cleansing (detoxification), help remove negative and toxic substances from the body and restore normal metabolism. They are also very useful when changing animal food and when planning other changes (relocation, traveling, etc.).

* The drops also help with hormonal imbalance, which is most often due to increased hormonal activity during the mating season or due to motherhood.


Water, Chaga, Reishi, Shiitake, Hericium, Poria Cocos.

The ingredients in powder are dissolved in water base.


spray 3-5 times on to the pets food or in to drinking water (equal 0,3 – 0,5 ml). Add the dose to the pet’s daily diet.


Is not a substitute for a balanced pet’s diet. The product is not harmful to humans, in case of ingestion, drink a glass of water.


Store in dry and cool. After opening, consume within 60 days. Keep out of reach of children!


50 ml Miron violetglass bottle with spry.

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