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MEDITERAN SALT – salt with herbs and spices 100g

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MEDITERAN GOURMET SALT is unprocessed salt and salt flower from the Sečovlje Salt pans (Slovenia) and is rich in minerals and microelements from the Adriatic Sea, which have a particularly beneficial effect on the well-being and function of digestion. With the addition of carefully selected herbs and spices, this unique blend gives us all 6 flavors at the same time: bitter, sour, salty, burning, sweet, and tart. All these flavors regulate the energy in the body and promote its proper circulation and balance, which ensures the harmonious functioning of all organs.

What it contains:

A strong flavor of more than 10 Mediterranean herbs and spices, which have a particularly beneficial effect on our body and the proper functioning of our organs. It also contains natural vitamins.


unprocessed salt (70 %), mixture of herbs and spices (30 %): oregano, basil, thyme, marjoram, rosemary, garlic, mountain savory, caraway, amla, pimenta.


Add the salt mixture according to your taste, you can use it when preparing a meal (while cooking/baking) or at the end, before serving the plate.


The recommended daily intake for an adult is 5 g of salt.


Store in dry place. After opening, consume within 90 days. Keep out of reach of children!


Net weight: 100 g in glass jar.

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