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Planting a Plant


Creates, researches and manufactures unique concentrated natural products for nutrition, well-being, energy and care of people, in all life periods and situations.

The first and only one in the world, we have combined medicinal mushrooms with native herbs, knowledge from the East with knowledge from the West, traditional procedures of herbalism and healing with expertise in medicine and pharmacy and with modern principles of technology.

But the most important advantage and feature of our production is the transfer of the INFORMATION from NATURE! Our products have concentrated information = vibration of plants collected in nature, which perform the same function in our body as in nature. The combination of several types of plants, fruits, vegetables and mushrooms in each of our products ensures a holistic effect on the whole body. BALANCE in the functioning of all organs in the body is a condition for a good immune system and well-being.

B2B opportunities

Nature offers us endless possibilities for growth and development. At NANDY5, we are aware that many companies (entrepreneurs) want natural products, but do not have either the knowledge or the resources for such production.


Therefore, we offer cooperation to all companies that would like to supplement their range of similar natural products or have an idea for their own natural product.


We support healthy natural diversity, as the beautiful Slovenian saying goes, "every painter has his own eyes".

Together we can offer people more natural options for their health and well-being.

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Hand Reaching Out

If you want to understand the secret of the universe,
think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration

- Nikola Tesla


He is the founder of the company NANDY5 d.o.o., a researcher, innovator, eternal student, modern alchemist and a great lover of nature. As a professional chef and an experienced educated herbalist, in his creative work he constantly asked himself "why do we eat food at all?" In 2006, he went to India, where he was 19 times. He used all his trips to India to study in the field of Ayurvedic treatment and in the field of Priesthood and learned techniques for processing live food into informed nutrients. He is also one of the five (5) officially recognized Indian Priests in Europe. He further enriched the knowledge he gained from his travels by studying the original record of recipes of Slovenian medicinal herbs by the greatest Slovenian botanist and folk doctor, Ivan Mozetič. He constantly improves his knowledge about the functioning of the human body and mind by attending various courses and lectures, both in Slovenia and abroad. His work is professionally monitored and confirmed by Slavko Popadič, MD, specialist cardiologist and pediatrician, master's degree. Dušan, in addition to an exceptional sense for identifying medicinal herbs and mushrooms, also has a gift for perceiving the energy state of a person and thus the internal organs and spirit. He has been advising and treating people for 40 years and constantly strives to help people keep their bodies in optimal shape, vital and youthful looking for as long as possible. This is his passion and mission.


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